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Cancer Care Unit, Mumbai

The Sangha set up a Cancer Care Unit that offers specialized consultation, a chemotherapy day-care centre and a home for cancer patients. The chemotherapy day-care centre provides specialized consultation for cancer patients under the supervision of eminent medical oncologists. Plans are underway to expand the existing capacity and infrastructure. The unit cared for 2000 patients last year and was unable to cope with the increased inflow of patients due accurate diagnosis is central to complete treatment and care. A Diagnostic Centre is therefore being conceptualized.

Seva Niketans

A large majority of people travel to Mumbai for cancer treatment and are often unable to cope with the financial and mental burden. BSS, Navi Mumbai set up the First Seva Niketan to help patients and their families by providing free accommodation, free transportation to the hospital, subsidized canteen facilities, counseling and awareness programs, etc. Mumbai now has 3 Seva Niketans operating a total of 32 rooms and 8 dormitories and has assisted 6838 patients till date.

Tuberculosis Treatment

As part of our agenda to improve health care for the masses, T camps are organized offering free treatment and medicines with X-ray and sputum test facilities. Over 500 patients have been cured as a result of our initiatives.

Leprosy Control & Welfare Services

About 286000 cases of leprosy were detected globally in 2005. India is home to 70% of the world’s leprosy patients. The challenging task is not only the eradication of the afflicted into mainstream society. The Sangha first approached this public health problem in 1981. Work started in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand with Leprosy Welfare and Rehabilitation Programs covering a population of 1 million. The Sangha runs 4 referral leprosy hospitals for severe reaction and serious ulcer homes for old, infirm and destitute leprosy patients. A Leprosy Colony is also being planned.


Rehabilitation programs have been introduced to reduce the impact of disabilities on the social and economic life of leprosy-affected people. The programs enable them to undertake income-generating occupations to support themselves and their families. We also advocate awareness programs that disseminate accurate information about leprosy.

The Sangha has set up a Leprosy Rehabilitation Promotion Unit. This Unit, conceptualized on the guidelines laid down by the Government of India, carries out surgical operations correcting deformities caused by leprosy. Over 350 patients have been assisted and rehabilitated into society. These operations have been carried out free of cost by eminent surgeons. Vocational training programs are organized to encourage patients to be self-sufficient. The Sangha also assists in rebuilding old dilapidated leprosy colonies. Children of leprosy patients now have access to education. Schools uniforms, food, books and other facilities are provided free of cost.

Yoga Day

We all know the value of yoga in our modern-day life. People are busy with their work and spend maximum time either in office or in other activities. Nobody has time to do some physical exercise. So here comes the savior – yoga. If you spend a little time doing yoga it will bring a positive change in your health. From Bharat Sevashram Sangha Dediapada, we organize Yoga camps and motivate children to remain fit and healthy. Last year, we arranged a yoga day on 21st June and this year the same program will be arranged in our society.

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