Cloth Distribution

The Sangha provides clothes for poor students and distressed, shelterless people who are suffering from cold and hot seasons. We distribute garments and woolen clothes to the poor and destitute peoples. Every year we also distribute saree to women who work as a maid on special occasions like Durga puja or Eid. The members of our society arrange cloth distribution camps every year with the help of local business owners. In these camps, we distribute blankets, woolen wrapper and clothes to the poor and homeless people of rural areas. We also distribute school uniforms to poor students. Bharat Sevshram Sangha distributes woolen clothes and blankets in different hostels, camps, and dense areas.

Medical Camp

Mobile medical dispensaries reach out to the remotest parts of the country to spread awareness on leprosy eradication. We have many sub-centers maintain hospitals and charitable dispensaries in both urban and rural areas all over the world. We also have the facility of mobile dispensaries that reach out to the far-away parts of the country. We do health care and awareness programs on leprosy eradication, TB control, Malaria, Filarial, and Diarrhea camps are organized often. The Cancer Care Unit of Dediapada offers specialized consultation for poor cancer patients under the supervision of specialists. People can also visit our Seva Niketan in Mumbai through our Gujarat branch where they will get free transportation to hospital, accommodation and get free food. Health awareness camps are set up in the rural areas of Gujarat to provide free health check-ups and medicine to the poor and helpless.

Relief Camp

We focus on meeting immediate basic human needs by providing shelter, food, and health relief services. The main focus of our relief is to meet immediate basic human needs by providing shelter, food, and health relief services. We also provide support to individuals and families who are affected by disasters to enable them to resume their normal daily activities. Through the last 61 years, the Sangha has responded to natural calamities like floods, gas tragedy, Ayala, cyclone, earthquake, etc. Bharat Sevashram Sangha undertook huge relief for flood victims in Kerala and distributed dry foodstuff, clothing, cooked food among the affected people. The members also provided medical relief to the pilgrims and distributed food, medicine, and utensils among them. 

Tribal Welfare Centre

The Sangha operates Tribal Welfare projects in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, and Gujarat. The tribal welfare program of Bharat Sevashram Sangha is an extensive drive covering the areas of education, health and income generation programs for lower communities. We aim to provide vocational training for these communities to make them self dependent by providing sustainable employment opportunities. Our members arrange health awareness programs in every area of Gujarat to be aware of health risks and show audio-visual presentations to educate the tribals. There is also a care program for elderly people and orphans to provide free food, utensils, medicare, and clothing. 

Child Education

Our society focused on providing education, food, and shelter for both boys and girls in the rural areas of Dediapada, Gujarat. We understand the need for education in rural and semi-urban areas is important as it will increase the development speed of the nation. That’s why our Sangha operates many institutions in Gujarat to provide quality education to disadvantaged children. We also provide vocational training to encourage youths to become self-independent. under our Sangha, there are many primary and non-primary schools, night schools, junior basic & high schools, and colleges. Besides the educational training, the Sangha also provides computer training programs for the rural children of Dediapada. We believe that no education is complete without the proper physical education, that’s why we teach our students self-defense in Milan Mandir where they learn Kusti, kabaddi, and yoga. There is a total of students- 87; boys from 5th to 10th standard living in the hostel and going to the local government school.

Provide Shelter for Children

Bharat Sevashram is a well-known helping organization all over the world which provides shelter for distressed orphan children. Little children need care, affection, and love. With a homely ambiance, he or she can grow well and will learn a new pattern of life under the observation of the staff of Bharat Sevashram Sangha. We send them to formal school and provide food, shelter and clothing and all the necessities that are required by these kids. We also have rehab and special counseling center for people who are struggling to get rid of drugs and other addictive things and for alcoholic people of Dediapada. We have seen tremendous growth in their academic, physical and emotional health. All the children are actively involved and excel in extracurricular activities, sports, and academics. We take them to 

various places for holidays and picnics and to attend various workshops on dance, drama, painting, etc. Providing them a normal life and mixing them in the mainstream of society is considered as the prime duty of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

Development Programs

 Our sangha is focused on development programs in society and also try to improve mental health and spiritual mind. We arrange welfare and Development programs for women and youth of the rural areas. We provide the training under our expert trainers and arrange different empowerment programs for them. The members of Bharat Sevashram arrange ‘Educational program and health camps’ for the poor people of tribal communities where children learn and old people get a free check-up. We focus on rural sanitation and hygiene, Mother and child healthcare and awareness. 

Spiritual Harmony

As a devotional organization, we have to help people in their problems by rising spiritual harmony by dhyana. We focus on a holistic way with academic education imparted in harmony with moral and spiritual teachings. Students are taught to respect the traditions and culture of their country, realize the dignity of labor and the fundamental principles of human life, which contributes to building their character. The Sangha, since 1959, has set up a department for organizing scriptural studies among the student community. Regular 3-year graduated level courses are offered by the Sangha. Free copies of scriptures are provided to the students. In rural areas, teaching aids such as lantern slides are used by the instructors. In the year under review, many students from different schools and colleges appeared in the annual examination through our centers.

Wheelchair Distributions

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Dediapada started a wheelchair donation program for disabled people. If anyone needs this opportunity, then it can be available immediately and maintenance for it as well. It has been given by the organization to society’s comments. Thanks and thanks to the one who donated.
This program is arranged in Gujrat Bharat Sevashram Sangha premises which provide huge benefits to the poor disabled people. Under the observation of Swami Bodhmitranandji Maharaj on the occasions of Durga Puja, the program was arranged. 

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